Life was good
Yesterday and the day before yesterday.
Responding to God’s call
You went far away,
Leaving behind you
Your wife Nancy
Your daughter
And of course
Your Brothers and Sisters
Your loved ones
So quickly without warning!

We won’t see you anymore
That in our memories
And one day up there
In heaven
We will join you.

We should sing
We should pray
We should meditate
But the pain is so excruciating
To no longer have you with us
To share your always overflowing joy
Your wisdom and your smile
That we will cry, cry
Like the Day of our Birth.

Farewell My Brother Jack
Nancy, my sister, wipes your tears
And let us give Glory to God
For his Soul to Rest in Peace.

Bro Simplice Ongui
29 April 2020, 22.30pm